Yoga has a world wide following. You can learn yoga anywhere in the world now. Why come to India and learn it? Is there a difference?

I’d like to introduce you to this fun, chirpy and varied blog http://www.chaiacupoflife.com/ . It’s always positive, interesting and well written. The author’s insightful thoughts on learning yoga in India as opposed to somewhere else in the world are bang – on.

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” One of the biggest shocks was how different yoga was taught here than what it is in Australia and even in the US, where I lived for a short period of time. I noticed in Australia, yoga is more ‘westernised’. In other words, there is only certain aspects of yoga taught. There is a lot of emphasis on asanas only and perfecting a posture; taught in a much more systematic way. However, Since starting classes & through the teacher training programme, I have learnt so much more than what I thought I would. For example, it was my first time in experiencing, practicing and learning the benefits of pranayama. Honestly, previously all I knew is that it had something to do with breathing! One of the other things that surprised me was learning that chanting ‘OM’ after practice was a must. I have also gained a better understanding of the benefits if each posture and how it affects our body. I can now understand why so many foreigners travel all the way here to learn yoga.

She’s  hit the nail on the head about the difference in the way yoga is taught in the West and in India. Sadly India is going the western way. So many people ask me if I won’t teach them power yoga instead of the usual ‘boring’ yoga 😦
I’ve never found yoga boring and when I need to pump it up I go to the gym for a while instead, or take dance classes.

When you think of yoga is this what you’re looking for

imagesor is it more along these lines

images-1Do you see the difference? In the first picture the emphasis is on gymnastics and in the second it’s on finding balance while challenging yourself as you honour the inherent spirituality of yoga.

What are your thoughts? What do you prefer?