English: Vajrásana - Yôga position Português: ...

English: Vajrásana – Yôga position Português: Vajrásana – Posição do Yôga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thunderbolt pose

Kneel on the floor. Bring the big toes together and separate the heels. Lower the buttocks onto the inside surface of the feet with the heels touching the sides of the hips.

Place the hands on the knees, palms down. The back and head should be straight but not tense. Avoid excessive backward arching of the spine. Close the eyes, relax the arms and the whole body. Breathe normally and fix the attention on the flow of air passing in and out of the nostrils.

Practice Vajrasana as much as possible, specially directly after meals, for at least 5 minutes to improve digestion. If you have a digestive disorder sit in vajrasana and practise abdominal breathing for 100 breaths before and after food.

To exit, slowly lean forward and place your hands on the mat. Sit to one side to bring legs forward. Straightened and shake the legs well.

Awareness Physical awareness on the normal breathing process. If practised with the eyes shut it will make the mind tranquil.

Spiritual awareness on the manipura chakra.

Benefits Vajrasana strengthens the pelvic muscles. It prevents hernia and relieves piles. Increases the efficiency of the digestive system relieving ailments such as hyperacidity and peptic ulcer. It reduces the blood flow to the genital thus helping both dilated testicles and hydrocele in men and menstrual disorders in women. It’s helpful for labour.

It’s an important meditation posture as the body becomes upright with no effort. It’s an excellent mediation posture if you suffer from sciatica.

Caution with this pose if you have knee or ankle problems. You can still do the asana but consider trying it with modifications.

  • If the pose is too deep for the knees, place a thick, firm pillow or a folded blanket between the buttocks and heels to decrease how far the hips come down onto the feet.
  • Place a thin cushion or rolled up towel under ankles if the stretch is too deep for the ankle joint or if the foot muscles are cramping.
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