logoBhujangasana or Cobra is a powerful asana. Twisting cobra pose is a variation on this.


Assume the final position of bhujangasana with the legs separated by about half a metro. Tuck your toes under and raise your heels resting on the balls of the feet. The head should face forward instead of bent backwards as in bhujangasana.

Twist the head and upper portion of the trunk to look over your left shoulder. Gaze at the heel of your right foot.In the final position the arms remain straight or slightly bent as the shoulders and trunk are twisted. Try and feel the diagonal stretch of the abdomen. Relax the back hand keep the navel as close to the floor as possible. Stay in this position for a few seconds.

Face forward then repeat the twist on the other side without lowering the trunk.

Return to the centre and lower the body to the floor.

This is one round.

Breathing Inhale while raising. Retain the breath while twisting on both sides. Exhale while lowering to the floor.

Practise 3 to 5 rounds.

Keep your awareness on the physical body on the stretch of the muscles of the back and the front. On the spiritual level keep your awareness on the swadisthana chakra.

Benefits – same as for bhujangasana but with an increased influence on the intestines.

Tiryaka means triangular because the gaze is direct across the today thus forming two sides of a triangle while the breadth of the shoulders forms the third side.

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