English: Jain sadhvis meditating (in Brindavan...

English: Jain sadhvis meditating (in Brindavan) ‪Norsk (nynorsk)‬: Tre kvitkledde djain-nonner mediterer i Vrindavan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The writer, Kimberley Dark, makes some impressive points about yoga, meditation and working on oneself.  To what extent are the problems you face in the world you live in caused by your attitude, or your inability to positively process the negativities in your life? Are the problems within you or on the outside? And if they’re on the outside and all women are facing them, then is meditation and self-awareness enough? It may also be necessary to join movements that are fighting for those things to change. The need of the moment most likely cannot be met just by your inner peace but requires your active participation in working for social change. Without that, inner peace is mere escapism.


I think Indian women particularly are always encouraged to go within and anasthetise themselves to the world they live in by praying, meditating and working on their own peace of mind. This makes them very tranquil and a pleasure to be around but rarely ever changes the reality of the patriarchal world they live in.


What do you think?


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