English: Organic apple orchard in Pateros, Was...

English: Organic apple orchard in Pateros, Washington, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Happy New Year to every one who reads this. May the new year be filled with good new things, may all the things you no longer need in your life be left behind in the old year.

Let’s move on to New Year’s resolutions. Do more yoga? That isn’t mine because I’m already doing yoga and loving it and I for sure don’t need to resolve to do it. I’ve made it an integral part of my day and so it remains. Unless 😦 I’m traveling and staying with friends or family where it’s a bit of a nuisance if I want to do my suryanamaskars before breakfast. Well I simply schedule them in for another part of the day, three hours after my  last meal. It usually works out. You’ve got to be flexible, and I’m not referring only to my joints but to my mental state.


What of the environment? This article from Care2.com talks of 7 meaningful New Resolutions for a more ecofriendly 2014. Most of them are extremely relevant. The writer suggests that we move beyond the momentary feel good of being the person who brought a bag along to the grocery store and that we do more than just that. The best point she makes is to share  “People all over the world are opening their hearts, minds, homes and garages and learning how to share again. In doing so, we’re slowing resource consumption and helping our neighbors make a little cash. We’re also remembering what it means to be a community of humans, invested in each other’s success and interested in each other’s stories. Learn more about how to save money, time and resources through collaborative consumption.”


Another useful suggestion refers to talking and I found this to be particularly relevant to me. We’ve become so conscious about other people’s rights and how we can be a pain by talking constantly about the environment that we’ve just stopped doing so. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to talk, talk, comment, read, share and draw attention to climate change and organic farming amongst other things “Here’s the thing: we NEED to talk about climate change. We NEED to talk about not supporting corporate polluters. We NEED to talk about why organic farming is better for our future than factory farming. Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing. If we’re not talking to those we care about WHY we avoid the things we do, why even bother making changes? You don’t have to be condescending, you just have to be passionate. Learn how to talk to conservatives about climate change.”