The Annie Lennox Collection

The Annie Lennox Collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have  a wonderful diary for 2013. On each page, for each day there is a quote about the environment, about nature, about love for the wilderness. Today’s quote is by Annie Lennox, a British singer-songwriter and political activist. She says                “Green is a label for a certain attitude to life, a certain kind of respect that one might have for the very source of things that we take for granted.”  Respect – respect for water – means using it judiciously, not wasting it or throwing it away. It’s a notion that’s alien to most people.


I use a reverse osmosis (RO) water filter – because the water in Delhi is so bad and I don’t want to swallow any disease causing organisms. RO filters produced a lot of waste water with the companies that make them blithely advising us to allow the waste trickle to leak away in the sink.  ‘It isn’t good for anything’ is what I was told again and again, which is why I resisted getting a filter for years on end. One enterprising salesperson introduced me to the eco RO filter Aquaguard Enhance Green RO that saves upto 30 % water compared to other filters. Great. It assuaged my conscience. I also ensured the pipe with the waste water was long enough to drain into a bucket. We use that water to swab the floors and to water the plants. This water recycling is viewed on with irritation by my house help and with amusement for my foibles by friends and others who are let into my little recycling secret. What I find curious is that nobody thinks it’s a good thing or wants to do the same. I’m hoping for a world where saving water, or being conscious about the environment isn’t an eccentricity practised by a few but something that everybody does.


Tell us how you respect the environment.