logo There’s nothing quite as irritating as an itchy throat with a constant cough brought on by trying to ease the tickle. This annoying symptom is often a side effect of dehydration because of a cold and a runny nose. Staying hydrated is key to easing your discomfort. Although it sounds so simple that we often ignore it, drinking plenty of water reduces that dry feeling leading to itching and irritation. Drinking water really is one of the best cures to ease your itchy throat.

Another remedy that your mother and grandmother probably told you about so often that you’ve probably shut down your ears to the suggestion is Salt Water Gargles. It’s a tried and tested remedy where you boil a cup of water with a tablespoon of salt and gargle with it after it has cooled down, at least three times a day.

English: A variety of Turmeric Flower found in...

English: A variety of Turmeric Flower found in Maharashtra, India. Turmeric or “Indian Saffron” is one of the most commonly used spice in India – a key flavoring ingredient in any Indian cuisine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing like ginger for your throat tickle. Its intense but it works. You can grate the ginger, then squeeze the grated bits catching the ginger juice on a spoon. Mix it with honey and swallow. I’ve fixed many a coughing child’s discomfort with ginger juice and honey. Even though the ginger burns a little, the children swallowed it quickly, knowing it works. Steam – another annoying remedy our parents loved.

When I moved into my own home I vowed never to steam my face. Little did I know that the first time I caught a dreadful cold and was struggling with all the pleasant sensations of a blocked nose, streaming eyes and general discomfort, while alone with no one to fuss over me, the first thing I would do would be to boil up a kettle of water, pour it into a bowl and hang my head over it with a towel thrown over to trap the vapours, inhaling like it was going out of fashion. And then came my mother in law with her remedy of Turmeric and Milk. Absolutely vile if you ask me. I like neither turmeric nor milk. But I like being ill even more. So when she boiled up a cup of milk, threw in a teaspoon of turmeric, cooled it and got me to drink it while still warm, I just did so. My mother in law is not someone you argue with. I drank the brew before bedtime, three nights in a row and slept well through the  night. The cough went away.