The monsoon drags on with its dampness and mould, rotting food, endless laundry, potholes, traffic jams. People are finding it increasingly difficult to get out of bed. If they don’t have joint pain, they have an upset stomach. If they’re not feeling lethargic, they have a fever that could be from flu or from any of the mosquito borne diseases.

What can you do about it? Leave the country? Probably the best thing to do but it’s only a short-term solution. The best way to keep monsoon woes at bay is – you guessed it – YOGA.

Suryanamaskars. Don’t miss out on your daily round of suryanamaskars. They will get rid of the lethargy and loosen those stiff joints. They’ll keep all manner of things at bay. So please do your suryanamaskars. Among other asanas.

Today – I’m going to focus on a favourite asana of mine. Lion pose or Simhasana.

Sit in Vajrasana with your knees about 45 cm apart and the toes of both feet touching. Place your palms on the floor between the knees with the fingers pointing towards your body. Lean forward.

Straighten your arms, arch your back, stretch the front of your neck, rest your body on your arms.

Tilt your head back.

Close your eyes, focus on the eyebrow centre OR keep your eyes open and focused on a point on the ceiling.

Close your mouth and relax.

BENEFITS – the posture ensures total stability of the body. The spinal cord is extended. The pose and the closed eyes quickly induce a deeply meditative state. The pressure on the palms relieves stress, improves blood supply, tones up the nerves and balances the vital energy necessary for meditation.

NOW to the Simhagarjanasana – The Roaring Lion Pose  I like it because you have to pull a funny face and roar like a lion. That has the potential to shock people  and there’s nothing I like more than shocking people.

After assuming the meditative pose


Inhale deeply through the nose. Slowly. As you finish inhaling open your mouth and extend your tongue as far as possible towards your chin. As you exhale slowly produce a clear, steady AAAAAAH sound from the throat, keeping the mouth open. At the end of the exhalation, close your mouth and breathe in . This is one round. Practice 5 rounds daily for general health. If you have a specific ailment practice 10 to 20 rounds. Can be done at any time.

BENEFITS – the asana relieves diseases of the ear, throat,nose, eyes and mouth. Releases tension from the chest and diaphragm. It’s useful for people who stutter and who are introverted and develops a strong and beautiful voice

English: Picture of a roaring lion like Travis...

English: Picture of a roaring lion like Travis Jervey’s pet, Nala. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)