Delhi’s latest vegan chef sensation Meenu Nageshwaran has made huge personal strides in her progress towards health. Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which had the doctor put her on insulin Meenu determined to heal herself so that she wouldn’t  have to take any medication. She managed, within a month.


Meenu, who is a close personal friend has always been a woman who took her food seriously, ensuring her family ate nutritious food full of amazing taste even while she was co-founding a successful travel business with her husband while her children were babies.  Meenu does everything with a passion it’s hard to surpass. When a life-changing event sent her seeking for meaning to life she turned to Pranic Healing and went all out for it, eventually opening a centre in Delhi’s Hauz Khas. The Padma Centre for Soul Realisation which exudes peace and good vibrations –  has a meditation hall and lovely little cubicles for healing. Just entering the centre is enough to put you into a different frame of mind and it’s all because of Meenu’s attention to detail, fine aesthetic sense and the hours of meditation she puts in everyday. NVC (non violent communication) group meetings are held weekly and Pranic Healing Meditation on full moon days monthly.

Not content with this, and because life sent her another curve ball in the form of the diabetes Meenu learnt how to be a vegan cook and turned her immense desire for good food that’s healthy into veganism and sharing her knowledge with others. Her huge energy to make everything a success did quite a lot to ensure Meenu’s Praana KitchenMEENU-S-PRAANA-KITCHEN-BANNER11

is as successful as everything else that she does. That food has to be eaten to be believed. Take a peek at Meenu on NDTV Good Times as she masters the art of substitution cooking sugar free, dairy free Gajar Halwa.

Meenu inspired me to write for the As Beautiful as your Work Contest at Women’s Web organised by Tanishq MIA. Healing others through your work, inspiring others to heal themselves, for me that’s true beauty. You can read more about it here http://www.womensweb.in/articles/as-beautiful-as-your-work/

and do watch this video that is very sweet and interesting