For me the word  “Fresh” brings to mind pure organic fruit and vegetables. This week’s photo challenge is called FRESH. Here’s my haul of fresh produce from I Say Organic. They deliver in Delhi.Which is a boon. A smiling man with a basket full of fruit and vegetables so fresh they seemed to have skipped from the field into my kitchen. I asked that no plastics be used to pack my produce. It came in a basket with the drumsticks wrapped in butter paper. I ordered this a couple of months ago. There are mangos, wood apple (bel), squash, lemons, cucumbers, the sweetest watermelon of the summer and mint that was mintier than – I don’t know what to compare it with but it had an intense minty flavour.

I Say Organic doesn’t sell any hybrid or genetically modified food, they stock only indigenous or desi varieties and I can honestly say that it made my day to have a basket full of these wonderful vegetables.

Do you like this photo of my healthy green kitchen? Does it look fresh?