Smoothies are a new love of mine. I’m still experimenting with them though. Sangeeta Khanna’s wonderful blog Health Food Desivideshi is a delight. She’s written a blog post about smoothies where she says smoothies are for everyone. She’s given recipes and delightful photos of sweet and savoury smoothies. Two of her recipes were featured  in a story on smoothies for  Hindustan Times at Brunch Stories
Read the entire blog post here. I’m sure you’ll rush to your mixie with a banana almonds and flax meal  to whip up your next healthy meal.
My green smoothie
This is my smoothie. My tendency to make everything healthier than healthy shows here. I like to drink green smoothies and went a little overboard till I read How green smoothies can devastate your health.
The trick to not allowing this to happen is to ensure that you don’t put too many greens (which have a high level of oxalates) in your smoothie. Everything in moderation.
What do you think of my little terra-cotta snail? Isn’t he adorable.