Does Foot Reflexology help Rheumatoid Arthritis ?

The best thing about Foot Reflexology is that it doesn’t make any tall claims.  Although many people benefit from treatments reflexologists know that each individual is unique and responds differently. Reflexology can certainly help you with your symptoms and may eventually effect a miraculous healing.

Kusam Aggarwal is a trained lawyer who developed Rheumatoid Arth

ritis in her late thirties. She had two small children and a great job with a good income and little stress. Despite this life was anything but cushy. She was in so much pain she could barely get out of bed in the morning and instead of enjoying her children  was mostly irritated by them.

Nothing helped, neither Ayurveda nor conventional medicine as her life became a long round of medicine and pain killers.

Till a friend decided to learn Foot Reflexology and insisted she do so too. Kusam says, “Whatever I do, I do it well and even though I, as a scientist, didn’t believe this was anything worth paying attention to, I studied hard and practiced even more.” Her painful fingers made massaging other people’s feet a challenge. She persisted out of sheer doggedness.

And as the weeks rolled by, and she had twice weekly sessions with her friend, who needed the practice, she noticed a change. The pain in her joint was less than it used to be, she could do more, she slept better and other symptoms associated  with rheumatoid arthritis were declining.

Studying Reflexology from Mr. I P Bahl’s Listen to Your Feet – the bible for Foot Reflexologists in India, Kusam began to see that there was a method to the madness. This was a  scientific system.

As she got better and better, freed from pain she took a momentous life decision. Now all she wanted was to help other people as she had been helped. She gave up her much touted job, and is now a full time reflexologist, satisfied that she is making a change in people’s lives.

Kusam Aggarwal

Foot Reflexology and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Kusam has been free of Rheumatoid Arthritis for 20 years now. She continues to get reflexology sessions on a weekly basis. She also does sessions from 9 to 1, five days a week.

Arthritic reflexologists who have benefitted from the treatment

If you have rheumatoid arthritis you could try it too. Your results may not be as miraculous as Kusam’s. Or they may. What’s certain is that you will definitely feel better.

What Foot Reflexology CAN do.

 Reduce the autoimmune response

Reflexology balances all the body systems. Conditions that are an autoimmune response naturally benefit from the healing power of regular reflexology sessions.

Reduce stress

The thorough working of the endocrine system with special emphasis on the adrenals has an almost miraculous effect.

Help you sleep better

The increase in the overall feeling of well being brought about by the detox process, coupled with touch therapy, healing brought about by being listened to and stress reduction leads to much deeper sleep.

Improve circulation

The more blood and lymph flows, the more it can help with the removal of toxins that add to disease.


This is what foot reflexology does best and is the number one reason why it is so effective. From the endocrine system to the heart, lungs, intestine, kidneys, liver and skin – everything is activated to function at optimum efficiency. The result? You feel better.

Pain relief

You can find relief from pain by pressing the reflex button between the web of your thumb and forefinger. A press and squeeze motion or a pinching motion for a minute or two works best.

For Reflexologists – Points to work on

Work the entire foot with a special emphasis on adrenals, the affected joints and referral areas.

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