Do you have days when you feel that your love for thing organic, natural, viable and homemade is unusual, niche oriented and that it’s never really going to make a difference. I did, when I wrote this blog post about plastic bags and the never ending battle to get people to stop using them and manufacturing them.

This article gave me hope that things are changing and that there are like -minded souls out there.

An inspiring team of young people in Ambattur, Tamil Nadu have made growing organic spinach a viable alternative for the farmers of the district.

R.Jagannathan was inspired to investigate further and make a change when he saw a hungry farm cover his empty stomach with a wet towel in an attempt to dull the gnawing hunger pains.

The farmers were poor because of the daily expenses on fertilizer, pesticides, medicine and alcohol. This was revealed by  a survey, conducted on 210 agricultural families in the same village. Jagannathan got in touch with G.Nammalvar, a pioneer in the field of organic farming and saw how effective organic farming could be. Organic farming, though less expensive wasn’t a viable option because the farmers had to forego income for two years before the farms were declared organic. How were they to live in the meantime?

The solution was keerai, – greens or spinach – that can be grown and sold in the interim period.

Jagannathan gave up his job in Chennai and jumped into organic farming on  5.5 acres of rented land.

“Keerai is a tool to build customers. It can be used to sell fruits, vegetables, poultry, and milk,” says Jagan.  He has also started a producer company, conducts weekend workshops on organic farming and eco-friendly lifestyles and is helping the farmers to market the produce. He’s creating a customer base and says there is a huge market for the organic produce.

Read the entire article here  greens brigade | The Hindu.

Now there’s a success story that makes one happy? Isn’t there?

Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings.  ~C.D. Jackson