Very soon the monsoon will be here!! And as the temperature drops (slightly) and the humidity rises (greatly) you know what awaits us? The little critters that aren’t around right now because they can’t  bear the extreme heat. I’m talking about mosquitoes – mozzies. Yes – the supplier of those irritating bites that mar your arms, legs, neck and sometimes even your face – that itch for a week and remind you that you could be incubating malaria or dengue or, or, or…

Lets gear up for the attack of the MOZZIES. Check out any depressions around your home that could form into puddles once it comes pouring down – puddles that are mosquito nurseries – ensuring that they have just a short hop over to you and your delicious blood. Do away with the potential puddles. Upturn your buckets and empty containers – you don’t want any still and stagnant water anywhere near your house.

Additionally , stock up on mosquito repellent. No – don’t rush out and buy those electric poison dispensers Good Knight or All Out – whether they promise to kill mosquitoes dead kabannng!!! or simply chase them away. Come on peeps, use your common sense – the poison that kills a mosquito kills you too.

I’ve also noticed some chest congestion and nose stuffiness when I sleep in a room that has Good Knight plugged in. Of course, this is nothing when compared with the congestion I experience with a tortoise coil !!!which however wonderful, should really only be used outdoors exactly because of this problem!  The unbearable amounts of smoke. It seems that the smoke you inhale is equivalent to smoking ten cigarettes – ouch!

That takes us to the boon or the bane of my childhood  days  – Odomos . My sister has any number of hilarious stories involving Odomos and me  – how I applied it in careful dots to her (and my )arms and legs, rubbing the sticky, cloying citronella smelling gobs of yellow ointment into our skin, increasing the feeling of heat and sweatiness, but doing so nonetheless because the alternative – kamikaze mosquitoes whining threateningly in our ears before the initial attack by stinging pincer – was completely unacceptable. To this day – the smell of citronella is the smell of Odomos  and transports me back to hot, uncomfortable summer days, made interesting by the war against mosquitoes. Strangely nobody believed the Odomos worked for me because my arms were always covered with what looked like bites. A homeopathic doctor solved the puzzle five years ago when he diagnosed the bites as urticaria – an allergic reaction to the sun. Instead of Odomos at night, I needed sun block during the day!! It worked and I now have smooth arms!! And my trust in Odomos has been vindicated.
Well, the citronella Odomos was phased out by the company and a new, artificial smelling liquid replaced it – that made me gag even more than All Out. I would scour the shops looking for rare bottles of Natural Odomos and only found it in the  Maitreyi Store (Aurobindo Ashram).

In case you can’t find it, remember there are many natural remedies against mosquito bites – read this. Mix essential oils of citronella, or lavender (or both) in organic soy oil and rub it on yourself. Neem oil is wonderful against mosquitoes too – it figures! Neem is wonderful against all pests. So is catnip ( I’ll just steal a bit of the herb that I keep for my cat).

If all else fails you can eat tons of garlic – it keeps the mosquitoes away – mozzies as well as everything else – vampires for starters ( which is essentially what mosquietoes are – they’re both blood suckers). It may also keep  your mate at arm’s length (not so good 😦 )  and is of course the proven weapon against cholesterol. Garlic is a super drug!!

So rush out and get your mosquito repellents.

Plus, if you’re disorganized, worry not – agarbatti has the same effect as plugged in mosquito spyware. If you use citronella flavor, even more so. If its the middle of the night and you are being plagued – simply light a joss stick – most of us have some at home.

There is also the mosquito net – very romantic looking and all that

Tent made of mosquito netting.

Tent made of mosquito netting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heat and Dust ?

Sleep well and keep those mozzies at bay.