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4 Alternate ways to deal with Fever

This first post is being written because I’m feeling really unwell today and, strangely, I find myself turning to wellness topics. Well,not so strangely after all.  Throughout my life, and particularly when I was mothering my children I turned to alternative healing therapies first. Mostly they worked. When they didn’t I would go to the doctor and submit myself (or my children) to tests and medication. I’m not fanatic. I’m sensible and I would never put my children through unnecessary suffering, even if I decided I could be stoic about my own illness.

Schuessler Salts

These 12 amazing salts are a must have for every home that believes in holistic healing. I always reach for ferrum phos 12X at the first signs of fever or sore throat. Four of those little sugar pills dissolved on the tongue every 15 minutes and I’m often as good as new, ready to face the world. There is none of the sweating and weakness associated with paracetamol. They are truly magic pills, almost, except that there is a scientific  background to them as you can read if you click the link http://www.biochemic-cell-salts.com/12-tissue-salts/

Foot Reflexology



Another favourite method of mine of dealing with the unpleasantness of fever. This one is a little more indepth than even Schussler’s salts. When you have a foot reflexology treatment the acupressure points for every part of your body are pressed and massaged, resulting in a detoxification process. As a result, you may not know exactly what caused your fever, but because you have taken care of each organ in your body you will be healed. You’re welcome to read a little more about this wonderful healing method at http://www.naturalbloom.com/articles/reflexology-19/. I will also write about it soon.


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Often, our illnesses are caused by an emotional block, in fact that’s mostly the case. The mind-body connection cannot be discounted. Next time you have a fever try Lousie Hay’s book of Affirmations – Heal your Body. Her affirmation for fever is ” I am the cool calm expression of peace and love.” Say this through the day and see how you improve. This book is an invaluable source of wisdom. Everyone should own it.







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Easier said than done. And often brushed aside. But do it. If your body has fever, its crying out for rest. Lie down and sleep it off.  Having said this, I know I don’t follow my own advice, which is why I take Ferrum phos for a while, do some light work, and then press the reflexology points on my own foot, so that I’ll feel better. I’m too active a person to rest in bed . But I do take it easy, recognise my limitations and do less than I would usually.